Robert's short story: Pipe Dream Paste
from the Saturday Evening Post

Robert's short story: Song Pull (Page 59) John Prine tribute in Cowboy Jamboree Magazine

Robert Morgan Fisher won the 2021 Montana Humor Prize, the 2018 Chester Himes Fiction Prize, was shortlisted for the 2019 John Steinbeck Award and Runner-up for the 2021 Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction Prize. His fiction and essays have appeared in numerous anthologies and literary journals including The Saturday Evening Post, Whitefish Review, Upstreet, Pleiades, The Colorado Review, Cowboy Jamboree Magazine, Storyscape Journal, The Wild Word, The Arkansas Review, Red Wheelbarrow, The Missouri Review Soundbooth Podcast, Dime Show Review, 0-Dark-Thirty, Psychopomp, The Seattle Review, The Spry Literary Journal, 34th Parallel, The Journal of Microliterature, Spindrift, The Rumpus, Bluerailroad and many other publications. He's written for TV, radio and film. Robert holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles and is currently on the teaching faculty of Antioch University in several capacities. Since 2016, Robert has led the UCLA Wordcommandos, an acclaimed twice-weekly writing workshop for veterans with PTSD. He often writes companion songs to his short stories. Both his music and fiction have won many awards. Robert also voices audiobooks. (

Robert has won many awards for his fiction and has new stories published regularly (see HIGHLIGHTS).

"Hitler’s Typewriter" in The Whitefish Review   •   "Our Fallen Tribute" in The Avenue Literary Journal.
"Avoidable” from The Wild Word.   “Wad” and an essay on the UCLA Wordcommandos in Teach. Write.      Silence Between
Audio version of Robert's short story, "Wand," which first appeared in Carnival Literary Magazine, ISSN 2164 2575 2014: Wand.mp3
Audio version of Robert's prize-winning short story, "Performance," which appeared in the Nov 2015 issue of Gemini Magazine.

Vox Rex, which appeared in the Missouri Review Soundbooth Podcast as the 2015 Runner-up for the Miller Audio Fiction Prize.

RMF's short story: “I, Clown,”   •   “Hannityville Horror,” from Storyscape Journal
Here are several Robert Morgan Fisher Short Stories with Companion Songs:
"A Life in Music"          "Hobo Jerry"          "Don't You Wanna Go to Mars?"
Robert designs and teaches courses for the Antioch University I2P Online Program.
Literary Representation: Peter Riva of International Transactions,

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