What does it all mean?
  • As a baby, perched on his father's shoulders, Robert shook hands with John F. Kennedy.

  • Robert's father, George Fisher, was a career naval aviator who helped pioneer the EA-6B and EF-111. He also served during the Cuban Missile Crisis and spent several tours in Vietnam.

  • Robert's sister, Laura Fisher-Kaiser, is also a writer who co-authored Weddings for Dummies and The Official eBay Guide.

  • Robert once worked as a correspondent for MTV and VH-1 and, in a single night, wrangled full-length interviews with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash shortly before they became The Highwaymen. It was the first news story ever on VH-1.

  • Robert's career-military father, George Fisher, always made guitars available to Robert and from a very early age guided his son towards an active appreciation of quality singer/songwriters such as Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, Kris Kristofferson, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen.

  • Robert was once a host on the Movietime Channel, forerunner of E! Entertainment.

  • Robert's wife, Rebecca, is an award-winning documentarian with over 70 films to her credit and currently the world's greatest middle school counselor.

  • Robert took a year off from college to work in a Manassas, Virginia, tire factory.

  • As a teenager, Robert spent a summer playing guitar on street corners in Europe for spare change.

  • Robert was one of the first Domino's Pizza delivery guys at a time when there were less than 200 stores.

  • In junior high, Robert obedience-trained a German Shepherd pup into a 4-H Grand Champion.

  • Robert once spent a year writing political comedy for The Michael Reagan Show.

  • Robert once played the Armadillo World Headquarters Beer Garden in Austin, Texas.
  • Robert produced and hosted the 30th-Anniversary Class Reunion Party for the movie Animal House with the director and several stars in attendance.

  • Robert is an actual Scudder, part of the family tree and everything. This is Laura Scudder in a 1950's commercial. The Scudders came over around the time of the Mayflower and Nathaniel Scudder signed the Articles of the Confederation and was the only member of the Continental Congress killed in the Revolutionary War and helped found Princeton University.

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